Psycho-Spiritual Readings of the Unconscious on the Soul's Journey.
  Letture Psico-Spirituali dell'Inconscio per l'Evoluzione dell'Anima.
  Lectures Psycho-Spirituelles de l'Inconscient sur le chemin de l'Evolution.*
                                                    *Les Séminaires se tiendront en plus de l'Anglais et de l'Italien également en Français.

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Single Sessions with Maria Massaro

Individual BODYBALANCE ™ session (s) This is a 60-minute session that combines three diverse disciplines: Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.The goal of each session, which is tailored -made on the needs of the person, re-shape the silhouette on new body schemes, reinforce the degree of flexibility and reinvigorate strength. At the end of the session, a wonderful feeling of calm and concentration is commonly experienced. The teaching and guidance for conscious breathing, the concentration on body movemens and positions in tune with the music, offer a holistic training that deliver a state of balance and harmony both body and  mind.