Psycho-Spiritual Readings of the Unconscious on the Soul's Journey.
  Letture Psico-Spirituali dell'Inconscio per l'Evoluzione dell'Anima.
  Lectures Psycho-Spirituelles de l'Inconscient sur le chemin de l'Evolution.*
                                                    *Les Séminaires se tiendront en plus de l'Anglais et de l'Italien également en Français.

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Small Group  Experiential Workshop
Lanzarote 24th to 31st August 2019.

The workshop

It is a 7-day Workshop that focuses on the Interpretation of Dreams and on Tarot reading from a psychological point of view and on the analysis of the Astrological Birth Chart according to different schools of spiritual thought, in order to establish or enhance a dialogue with the Unconscious. Clinical techniques of Art Therapy and the esoteric technique of the Shamanic journey will also be used so as to further amplify the images emerging from the depths. The workshop consists in individual sessions or couple sessions, taking place daily, on a verbal and non-verbal (imagery) levels. Between sessions,  tasks will be asked to the accomplished.


The objective

The objective of the workshop is to deepen the self-awareness on an issue from an esoteric point of view and from the perspective of the Unconscious, whether it be a problem, a difficulty, a phase of crisis, that the participant is encountering on its evolutionary path. The workshop ‘s ultimate goal is the orientation towards the spiritual development of the person, a concept expressed by C.G. Jung as the "Process of Individuation", according to which each one of us has an archetypal drive to fully realize his/her uniqueness and completeness, both potentially present from the time of birth

Who is this workshop for?
The workshop is open to all. It is particularly indicated:
  • To those who are currently in Psychotherapy and want to deepen the awareness on a given issue through the images and messages from the Unconscious, Dreams’ Interpretation, Tarot and Psychological Astrology, Art Therapy and Shamanism.
  • To those who are not in psychotherapeutic treatment at present but feel the need to deal with a given issue of discomfort, with intense and focused personal work.
  • To those who have no experience of Psychotherapy and esoteric sessions, but wish to work on self-awareness through a connection with the Unconscious, thus moving further on the path of spiritual development.